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Velotaxi is a success story made in Berlin. In 1997 Velotaxi started the first operation in Berlin. 30 bicycle taxis started the daily business in Berlin city-center with the vision to bring a new and trendsetting mobility concept in combination with an unique advertising idea.

The new Velotaxi model

At the world exhibition Expo 2000 in Hanover Velotaxi presented the new model: CityCruiser. The impressing news: With the advanced technique and the new deceloped cabin made from recyclable polyethylene the new Velotaxi can better achieve the expectations of avertising clients and our drivers. Beside this the new model convinces optically in its shape. It took only a few days until the new Velotaxi got its new nickname: the cult runabout.

Federal Horticultural Show, Olympic Games, Football World Championship

Velotaxis around the Athletics World Championship 2009 in Berlin

Velotaxi is the perfect vehicle for major events. There are only some examples like the Federal Horticultural Show in Potsdam 2001 and in Koblenz 2011, the Olympic Games in Athens 2004, the Football World Championships in Germany 2006 and the Athletics World Championships 2009 in Berlin. The Velotaxi shows its strengthes especially around these major events that attract both public and media attention: it is an eye-catching advertising medium with the additional benefit of the passenger transport.


Today the BAYK AG is the manufacturer of the vehicles, the owner of the trademarks Velotaxi and CiytCruiser and cares for international distribution of the Velotaxi system.

From Berlin we go worldwide

Today more than 120 operations belong to the worldwide Velotaxi network. At any place where Eco-friendly traffic is needed the Velotaxi are part of the cityscape. The Velotaxis are sustainable and Eco-friendly and they contribute to the reduction of the vehicle exhaust pollution in the cities. They expand the light rail system with an flexible and reliable transport mean.

The new team in Berlin

In Novembre 2010 Carina Heinz, Ivo Staps and Peter Lorenz founded the new company eco next GmbH and took over the Velotaxi general ageny for Germany. The new company merchandises the mobile Velotaxi ad spaces around Germany and organises then Berlin daily business. Beside that we advice Velotaxi operations and founders in Germany and support new operations in the launch period.

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