Support for a good idea

Velotaxi finds support on a broad front. Reactions come from all sectors of society and have been throughout positive. Whether from politics, economy or sports and culture, the positive appearance, the unusual design, the resource-saving approach, practicality and above all the fun, which the Velotaxi brings to the cities. No one can escape it!

“Velotaxi is an innovation which we would gladly pass on from the German capital to other cities!”

Klaus Wowereit, Governing Mayor of Berlin

“Velotaxi as part of the FIFA’s Green Goal initiative is perfectly suited to strengthen the awareness of environment issues and sustainability.”

Juergen Trittin, a former federal environment minister

“The image of Velotaxi corresponds with the one from Esprit: It is young, modern and trendy!“

Sandra Massow, Esprit

“Several factors by Velotaxi came together: Founders had a bold idea on how one could bring innovation, environmental protection and economic efficiency und one hat. The city was also brave and approved and supported the new means of transportation. Now Velotaxi established itself and the city benefits, from the friendly image of the bicycle taxis.

Wolfgang Thierse, Vice President of the Bundestag

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