Environmentally friendly bicycle-taxi-service and advertising in motion

As unconventional and flexible as the CityCruiser appears on the street, as unusual is the Velotaxi business model. Not the revenues from the driving operation of the driver bring the turnover for the Velotaxi companies, but the advertising revenue from our branded vehicles. Our self-employed drivers operate on line operation on their own account. Only a small rental fee for the maintenance and repair of vehicles is collected by the Velotaxistas.

New York, Rio, Tokyo – Berlin!

Also with regards to global Velotaxi-offerings, Velotaxi is going new ways.
The new operating concept is flexible enough to be successfully adapted to the different regional conditions. Whether in New York or Tokyo, in Helsinki or Cape Town, despite all the differences, some success factors are always the same: the enthusiasm of our employees and partners and the conviction, to operate a global sustainable system together.

Velotaxi worldwide

Around the headquarters in Berlin, meanwhile more than 120 locations in
45 countries exist– some as branches, the largest part however exists as an independent company, who have the idea of the Velotaxi prescribed. This network of partners is growing steadily and it continuously generates new ideas, capabilities and innovations.

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