Brands in the cityscape

As a carrier of commercials our CityCruiser has an extremely positive image: smart, environmentally friendly, innovative, flexible and athletic ... these are attributes, which pedestrians associate with our Velotaxis.

This is your ideal advertising medium for image campaigns, product launches, product campaigns etc. What is more, our driver, whose equipment is, of course, brand related, gives the passenger additional information: about the company’s products, its activities, and, all of this set into relevant information about the individual area attractions. Hereby, the customer relationship is strengthened and consolidated.

CityCruisers are beyond „conventional“ advertising media in the outdoor advertising market: they are more mobile than the poster, much nicer and likeable, and they draw more attention than a bus. Plus: your target group gets into contact with the carrier much closer and much more emotionally.

Velotaxi commercial gets further

The Velotaxi can get your advertisement to places where other types of advertisement are not allowed: the Berlin Government District, for example, or the Hamburg Mönckebergstraße.

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