Get fit while jobbing

Velotaxi driving is a smart way to earn money and to do sports at the same time. More than 1,000 drivers are traveling seven days a week from March until October. Velotaxi drivers drive route service and sightseeing tours and also customer events.

The drivers drive daily from 10am until 8pm. Velotaxi drivers come from all over the world and are usually between 20 and 40 years old. About half are students at college, but also craftsmen, musicians and computer professionals have found a sporty job by CityCruisers.

“It’s just fun to drive a CityCruiser. It’s like a fitness training which you are getting paid for.” So DIE ZEIT quoted a driver who was there from the beginning on.

Become a driver by Velotaxi

Our demands on our Velotaxi drivers are high, but achievable: We need reliability and commitment, independence and personal initiative and last but not least customer friendliness and you need to know where the great attractions of the city are and a little bit of the history of the attractions.

Velotaxi drivers work independently with a business license. We gladly support you in advance by the uncomplicated application of the relevant documents. Information meetings for beginners are held regularly.

Velotaxi drivers drive regularly in the line service on their own account, only a small rental fee for the maintenance and repair of the vehicles is collected by us.

And how does it work in practice?

You will need:

- a valid travel business card
- a valid drivers license
- a valid ID (Identification Document)

with the things listed above you can come to us and introduce yourself.

And then it starts right away?

If we register you as a Velotaxi driver, you can register yourself online for travel days. First you are on your way with a mentor-driver who gives you the important info's for “the street”. He knows popular routes, the best places to stop, he has a tip for the customer approach and he will introduce you to your colleagues.

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