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Give away the summer!

A Velotaxi voucher for a Berlin city trip, a romantic ride through the Tiergarten and along the Spree or one of our many sightseeing tours with professional explanation is always a good idea for a present.

Surprise both new and old Berliners and Berlin visitors with a relating ride in a Velotaxi. There's no better way to explore the city.

All our offers – from the half hour ride through town to the city tour for special events – are available as a voucher.

Our voucher prices

60 minutes: 45 euros

90 minutes: 67.50 euros

120 minutes: 90 euros

(These prices count per Velotaxi – each Velotaxi is able to carry 2 persons.)

How does it work?

We provide you with a voucher and we will send it to you by post or by email – according to your wishes. At the same time you receive our bill and as soon as your payment is credited to our account, your voucher is activated.

Redeem vouchers

Vouchers are valid for one year and are redeemable at any time upon request. During the Velotaxi season, you can redeem your vouchers at any time directly by the Velotaxi driver or order your bike at Velotaxi-Cell: +49 (0) 178 – 80 000 41.

In the non-Velotaxi season we kindly ask you to reserve your preferred date at least three working days in advance.

And if ti rains?

Our Velotaxis offer good protection against rain. On cool days we distribute blankets so you can keep warm during the ride and enjoy it.

We don't drive by storms, storm warnings, ice, heavy snow, thunderstorms, hail and temperatures under 5 degrees.

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