A stable base for a comfortable ride

The specially designed steel frame combines stability and comfort during the ride. All components are clearly arranged and easy to maintain. Particular emphasis was placed on the installation-friendly connection between the cab and the chassis. The vehicle can easily be transported by separating it into its main components, the cab, the chassis and the rear panel.

Innovative and aerodynamic design

The aerodynamic designed cab has enough space so that the driver and two passengers with light luggage have comfortable seats. The cabin in manufactured in rotational and centrifugal method and consists of 100% recyclable polyethylene. The standard colour is white. To match the corporate colours of the customer they can be produced in other

Suitable for everyday use and maintenance

The CityCruiser is precise with every detail: An ergonomic semi-reclining seat provides an effective power transfer. The 21-gear shift transmits the pedal force to the differential gear of the rear wheels. A clever steering system allows the extremely small turning radius of the 305 centimeter long CityCruiser. Increased hydraulic disc breaks provide optimum safety in traffic. A durable textile wall, the seat cushion and an entrance aid fixed to the roof of the cab, offers you optimum driving comfort.

Power and innovation

The CityCruiser are driven by muscle power. A built-in front electric auxiliary motor assists the driver when starting and during difficult stretches. It can be regulated by a rotary handle and switches off automatically at 11 miles per hour. The engine, headlights, turn signals and tail lights of the city cruisers are powered by two rechargeable 12 volt batteries.

Production and international distribution

The BAYK AG is owner of the trademark, the international marketer of the Velotaxi system and producer of the vehicles of the Velotaxi system.

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