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The Velotaxi Cruiser – stable basis for comfortable driving: The specially developed steel frame combines stability and driving comfort. All components are clearly arranged and easy to maintain. Special attention was paid to the easy-to-assemble connection between cabin and chassis. This means that the vehicle can be easily transported by disassembling it into its main components cabin, chassis and rear wall.

Innovative and aerodynamic design: The driver and two passengers with light luggage can be comfortably accommodated in the aerodynamically shaped cab. The cabin is manufactured using the rotational spin process and is made of 100% recyclable polyethylene. The standard colour is white. They can also be produced in other colours to match the customer’s corporate colours. As a mobile advertising medium, the cabin can be completely covered with foil.

Suitable for everyday use and easy to maintain: The Velotaxi Cruiser is custom-made down to the last detail. An ergonomic semi-recumbent seat enables an effective power transmission. The 21-gear shift transmits the pedal power to the differential gear of the rear wheels. An ingenious steering system enables the extremely small turning circle of the 305 centimetre long Cruiser. Hydraulically reinforced disc brakes offer optimum safety in road traffic. A robust textile partition, the seat upholstery and a roof-mounted boarding aid offer optimum driving comfort.
Power and innovation

Our environmental hybrid: The Velotaxi Cruisers are powered by muscle power. An auxiliary electric motor integrated into the front axle supports the driver when starting off and on difficult routes. It can be regulated via a twist grip and switches off automatically from 11 kilometres per hour. The CityCruiser’s motor, headlights, indicators and rear lights are powered by two rechargeable 12-volt batteries.

Production and international distribution: BAYK AG is brand owner, international marketer of the Velotaxi system and producer of the vehicles of the Velotaxi system.